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this blog is a bit overdue by a few days, but i figured i had time this afternoon while i wait for my face mask to dry. for those of you who don’t know, i’m religious with Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty.

This past weekend was the latest and greatest episode of U*CAN*DANCE!!, put on by GlitterBomb Productions (and associates) at the Complex (3515 Chouteau). the energy in the 450+ crowd was amazing and they loved every bit of the fabulous dj/drag/dance extravaganza!

also this past weekend, on the Saturday morning following U*CAN*DANCE!!, about 1,400 protestors gathered downtown for the Show Me No H8 rally. this was a state-wide shootoff of the Join the Impact campaign against the passing of Proposition 8 in California. the major gay media outlets had really nothing to do with this protest, the Human Rights Campaign barely mentioned it. this protest was entirely built upon activist web-networks getting the word out about the rally with only a few days-yet protests happened in 300 cities and even worldwide. Perez Hilton is even promoting the boycott of Sundance over it’s involvement with the passing of Proposition 8.

when there are a lack of national leaders in a movement ( the gay MLK Jr. ), a very well-connected network of activists will find local leaders to fill the void, and lots of big local political and activist names were going to be at the rallies to speak. i really appreciated the level of energy that was going into it (though the cold ended up putting a little bit of a damper on it).

i decided to demand the attention to the stage during U*CAN*DANCE!! to get the word out about the protest.

here’s Siren, Pinkø (me, with flyers) & Brian-motherfucking-ray (holding the sign i made), working the hell out of “Your Disco Needs You”..

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