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The enablers of Peter Kinder (r – “mr. personality”), the incumbent in the Lieutenant Governor race, are certainly relentless when it comes to producing robocalls attacking Sam Page (D).

We’ve previously covered the robocalls and other attacks:

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Fake Democrat mail targetting Sam Page (D)

Here’s another:

Sam Page has a secret. He’s accepted a large contribution from a Canadian company, breaking a Federal law in the process. In fact, Sam Page admitted it came from a Canadian address. Now, after having been caught Sam Page has all kinds of excuses. The bottom line? Sam Page doesn’t want you to know that he broke the law. Sam Page’s choices are risky for Missouri. On November 4th say “No” to Sam Page. Paid for by Citizens Taking Charge, Patrick Wilson, treasurer.

Typical old school style republican campaign tactics. I figure their “…was found to have voted with Vito Marcantonio” robocall will be out any day now.