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Two postings at Kos focus on Missouri, specifically on the difference in the two presidential campaigns here.

The first explains the difference in robocall strategies. Yeah, I’ve gotten that McCain robocall–twice–informing me that Obama consorts with William Ayers … blah de dee blah blah blah. But Devilstower tells us that the media says Obama has been playing dirty too:

Of course, NPR points out that the Obama campaign is also using robocalls. Except it’s not the national campaign, it’s the the Democratic Party. Except it’s not the national party, it’s the Missouri state party making calls only in Missouri.

“I’m calling to make sure you received something in the mail recently describing John McCain’s plans to give tax cuts for companies that ship jobs overseas.”

Ah ha! A message from a state party attacking McCain’s tax policy. That’s completely equivalent to the McCain campaign running a massive national program to say that Obama is a terrorist dupe. At least it is for the media, who uses examples like this to say that Obama is also running “negative ads.”

The second Kos posting analyzes the crowds Obama and McCain drew in Missouri last weekend.

Obama drew 100,000 and 75,000 while McCain drew “dozens of supporters”–3,000 in St. Charles and 15 whole people in Columbia. In the interest of fairness, did the McCain campaign require that people get tickets in advance? Surely that would lower the attendance–though … not by 97,000.