A month ago, I attended my subdivision’s fall picnic and got to talking to a young woman named Munaba, who had been born in the Caribbean and raised in Britain. She is not a U.S. citizen, but she and her husband are Obama supporters. I was telling her that as I had canvassed our subdivision I had found several people willing to volunteer for Obama’s campaign, and she said, “I’ll volunteer.”

It kinda took me aback for someone to volunteer without even being asked. But I wasn’t about to look that gifthorse in the mouth. And our North St. Louis County field organizer told me that Munaba had indeed gotten in touch with him and started working.

Then Friday afternoon, as I was taking a walk, a car rolled to a stop by me and there she sat. She said she just wanted to thank me for putting her in touch with Alex.

She’s been phonebanking, and her comment on it was: “I feel so much better now.”

Update: Feel free to add your own anecdote about canvassing. Upbeat stories will help rev us all up for these last two weeks. And tales of rude McCain supporters at the door or on the phone will … help rev us all up for these last two weeks.