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State rep Jeanette Mott Oxford has this two cents to put in on the Kinder pay scandal:

You know what really frosts me about this?! A while back (a year or two I think) the Family Services Division of the Dept. of Social Services won a $5 million bonus from the feds for the state of Missouri for their excellent performance on food stamp applications. I spoke with the State Workers Union (Local 6355 – of which I am a member), and we agreed that it would only be fair for some of that money to be given to the workers who earned the bonus for MO. We were told that Office of Administration can’t make temporary raises or bonus checks work for state workers. So why can Kinder get it done for his staff, when hard working FSD members can’t get a little bump that they deserve and need?

Well! It just makes me really mad.

Technically, the answer to Jeanette’s question is that state law forbids bonuses, meaning money for services already performed. Kinder arranged in advance to boost those salaries for the “staggering workload” his aides took on when another aide went on leave to work for a campaign. Never mind that the legislature wasn’t in session so that the workload was lighter than usual. Picky, picky.

The mistake those Social Services workers made was that they busted butt without a promise of more money, out of the goodness of their hearts and concern for folks struggling along on food stamps.

Kinder has zero tolerance for suckers like that.