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Sinquefield Digs Deeper for His Candidate, Rodney Hubbard

Sinquefield puts his mouth where his money is – does this signal panic in the Hubbard Campaign?

This weekend 5th district voters received a mailer from “Public Charter Schools for Missouri – East”, which voters are led to believe is actually an association of charter schools.  In actuality “Public Charter Schools for Missouri – East” is one of the 100 Political Action Committees set up by anti-public schools millionaire Rex Sinquefield.  

Over the last several months, Sinquefield has been taking heat for setting up 100 PAC’s in what many consider an attempt to circumvent the voter imposed contribution limits in this primary.  “Public Charter Schools for Missouri – East” had previously given the maximum it could to Mr. Hubbard’s campaign, but has now spent thousands  more dollars on a mailing meant to highlight Hubbard and Sinquefield’s desire to defund, then dismantle the St. Louis Public Schools.

“Having already spent thousands of dollars on funding my opponent’s campaign, and now spending even more in effort outside the campaign seems to signal some concerns that Sinquefield has about his investment in Rodney Hubbard,” said Wright-Jones campaign manager, Glenn Burleigh.

Hubbard disdain for the voter imposed campaign contribution limits was evident when he joined Republicans on voting to eliminate them, twice.  These limitations were placed on contributions by a statewide ballot measure, which passed overwhelmingly, designed to protect voters from the extreme influence of money in Jefferson City.  

“Campaign contributions were imposed by Missouri voters to limit the power of wealthy individuals and corporations, yet Mr. Hubbard believes that the wealthy should be able to spend as much money buying influence over our government as possible.    Mr. Hubbard constantly talks about effectively representing his constituents, but time after time votes against his constituent’s wishes and needs,” said Wright-Jones.

Rep. Wright-Jones has worked in both the St. Louis Public and Archdiocese school districts, and has been a leader in the fight against Mr. Sinquefield’s campaign to destroy Missouri’s public schools.  Rep. Wright-Jones also joins the vast majority of her Democratic colleagues in supporting the voter imposed campaign contributions limits.