July 25, 2008- The Garman for Congress team is proud to announce the official endorsement of the Greater St. Louis Labor Council.  President Robert A. Soutier informed Democrat Mike Garman yesterday evening that he had the full backing of the labor council.  “We’re looking forward to having a good working relationship with Mike’s campaign,” Soutier said.

Garman received the news with enthusiasm. “This endorsement will give us a big boost going into the primary on August 5th,” said Garman.  “It is clear that I am the candidate that represents the concerns and values of unionized workers in the Second District.  This endorsement has truly solidified that stance.”

The Garman campaign feels this endorsement comes as a result of Garman’s strong stances on creating quality jobs and quality job training programs in the Second District.  Garman believes in approaching this task from multiple levels including greater investment in education, reducing health care costs, and creating green jobs.  “Our struggling economy needs investment to help it recover, but it must be the right kind of investment.  Investing in the middle class, in the working women and men that make up the backbone of this economy, is what is going to ensure the long-term greatness of the American economy.”

The Greater St. Louis Labor Council comes with especially great timing, as Team Garman gears up for a 10,000 piece literature drop this Saturday morning in five different cities throughout the district.  “We know we can always count on labor members to turn up and help us contact voters before the big elections.  August 5th is as big as it gets.  We know we can beat the Republican incumbent on November 4th, but we have to win in August first.”

For more information about Mike Garman’s campaign and endorsements, visit http://www.garmanforcongress.com.