Johnson County Democratic Central Committee Chair Delbert Bodenhamer (right) and Secretary Oleta Cone (left).

All politics is local.

The Johnson County Democratic Central Committee gathered for its monthly meeting at the Johnson County Justice Center in downtown Warrensburg this evening. Yes, summer has started, but there’s a primary and a general election on the horizon.

The committee met to ratify the choice for a downtown headquarters which it will occupy on July 1st. It’s a useful space smack dab in the middle of the business district on Holden Street, with excellent visibility. In fact, it’s the same location the local Democratic Party had for the 2004 election.

Other business included finalizing arrangements for a fundraising dinner at the Johnson County Fairgrounds on July 15th. The first annual Jimmy Kirkpatrick Heritage Celebration Dinner will honor former Governor Roger Wilson.

Congressman Ike Skelton’s campaign will have a “barbecue and bluegrass rally” at the Johnson County Fairgrounds just west of Warrensburg on Highway 50 on Wednesday, August 6th.

The chair of the Central Committee asks for volunteers to help with the various logistics challenges of these events, and on occasion utilizes the power of his position to assign tasks. It’s how the necessary business gets done.

Central Committee members and Kevin Stamps (right), representing the Missouri Democratic Party.

Keven Stamps, a state party field organizer assigned to our area reported on several programs already in place. He took a few minutes away from an ongoing phone bank just down the street to solicit additional volunteers and to introduce himself to the few people on the committee who had not yet met him. We’re all going to get to know Kevin quite well through to the beginning of November.

All politics is local.