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So we had our very first blograiser last night. It was much like our original idea, which was a blogger meetup (like last fall) + candidate + contributions to said candidate. 15 people showed up, not counting myself, Deb, and hotflash. Deb Lavender got checks totalling $190 at the event, plus whatever was donated on ActBlue (which is still an option, whether you’ve contributed already or not.) A couple of people promised more contributions at the event, so we’ll update with a total if they follow through. As an added bonus, Deb got to hand off cards and donor envelopes to a few Kirkwood residents who happened to be playing washers near us.

It was good to see Archpundit, Maryb2004, hotflash, duckhunter, ashriver and Rea Kleeman from this blog, and American Phoenix from Daily Kos. It was also nice to meet some of you lurkers. And Joan Landmann stopped by later on to chat, which was highly entertaining. We talked politics, sports, movies, and God knows what else till 11:00 over beers, burgers, pita bread and hummus. (I highly recommend the hummus next time you’re at the Royale – yum!)

We’ll be doing this again in the next few months, but we always hope to make things bigger and better. Suggestions are welcome. If you’re interested in doing a blograiser in another part of the state, I’ll be happy to do whatever I can to help out.