With many DFA members serving as Delegates to the State Convention and with a very popular booth in the vendor area, DFA Missouri was well represented at the Missouri Democratic Party Convention held in Columbia on May 10th.

Here is the convention reported by yours truly on the Boone County Democrats site where there are lots of pics posted:


Staffing the DFA Missouri table, Loree Monroe greets delegates Greg Ahrens and Kathleen Weinschenk. Kathleen was instrumental in the court case which overtuned Missouri’s voter ID law last year and has testified against the Republican’s latest even more draconian version of the law. Our booth featured lots of DFA gear but more importantly featured sales of “Why my Mommy is a Democrat”. These great children’s books attracted a lot of interest and allowed us to promote the DFA Training coming up in Kansas City in June. More pics in the Image Gallery

Many DFA members were already elected Delegates to the State Convention and several were able to move up from Alternate to Delegate to fill the spots of Delegates who did not show up. In politics, showing up is half the battle (and fun!).

DfMO past President Bill Monroe was elected an Obama Delegate to Denver at CD meetings last month. He has organized a National DFAlink site for DFA members from around the Country to network in the months ahead. Here is the link: