CentCom commander William Fallon said that there would be no war with Iran during his watch.  Well, it is no longer his watch, and many analysts are suggesting that this is a sign that the Bush administration would like to attack Iran before leaving office, despite the fact that such a war would surely be even more disastrous than the current occupation of Iraq.

It is also worth noting that Dr. Keshavarz, Washington University in St. Louis professor and author of “Jasmine and Stars: Reading More Than Lolita in Tehran” was recently on a panel with Scott Ritter, the former U.N. weapons inspector who argued before the invasion that Iraq had no WMDs.   Ritter was very worried about U.S. aggression against Iran and said (before the resignation) that pushing Fallon out would be a sign that the Bushies are moving in that direction.

The next few months are likely the neocons’ last chance for a while to start another war to “protect U.S. interests” (i.e. oil & defense contractors).  We all need to be ready to fight hard to make sure that does not happen.