After almost a week of posting on the subject I thought I’d take a look at the coverage and what others have written about Antonin Scalia’s speech in Warrensburg.

My favorite so far:

…Antonin Scalia in Warrensburg (parts 1-4) (This is a liberal site but he gives a very accurate accounting of what was said in the speech.)…

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We’ll take the compliment. After all, we ain’t the Faux News Channel.

Then I followed her links to this comment on another blog:

Check out the link by the liberal site that I have at the bottom. It is a 4 part post and he was able to record the whole lecture and thus was able to get very accurate quotes. I used his post to back up my notes with more accuracy. Amazingly, he also throws very little liberalism into the posts except to post a picture of the protesters on each one.

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Heh. Uh, the protesters were there. There’s neither liberalism nor conservatism in reporting that fact.

There’s a certain irony in people in attendance not actually paying attention to the content of the speech:

…Originalism does not cut out in the direction of conservative versus liberal….

From the Kansas City Star:

…He drew applause when he acknowledged to the crowd that he was a social conservative but then took pains to describe how his method of constitutional interpretation can sometimes lead him to decisions opposite from his political convictions…

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The Associated Press reported:

American democracy has been weakened by a shift toward a so-called “living Constitution” that gives judges more power and lawmakers less, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said Tuesday during an appearance at the University of Central Missouri….

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In the Columbia Daily Tribune:

…Of torture, Scalia said: “It’s a bad thing to do. But not everything that is bad is unconstitutional.”

He suggested that every federal judge “be issued a stamp pad … and a stamp, and you would whack it on the pad and stomp it on the paper, and it says, ‘Stupid but Constitutional.'”

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Except for that pesky Article VI in the Constitution.

In the DigitalBurg:

…Although the auditorium was full of students, faculty and community members, the UCM Student Alliance for Peace stayed outside near the flagpole to express its right of free speech.

Tabitha Durden, freshman education major and a member of the Alliance, said they were handing out informational pamphlets to educate everyone about Scalia. The pamphlet included reasons to protest Scalia, along with the group’s mission statement….

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Heh. There’s that pesky First Amendment. You know, in that “originalist” Constitution.

We even got a brief mention about our coverage in the Kansas City Star‘s “Prime Buzz” blog. tiny URL Everybody say “Hi!” to stenographer Steve…