I understand that this blog is not about Presidential politics, but I am a progressive and appalled at what Clinton has said today.

So, Clinton has crossed the Commander-in-Chief threshold and according to Clinton, so has John McCain.  However, SHE believes Barack Obama hasn’t.

So, let’s be clear.  Clinton today has said John McCain is more qualified to be president than Barack Obama.  Do you believe that?  If you are a Clinton supporter, will you vote for John McCain if Obama is our nominee because you agree with Clinton?  

My good friends, this is crap!  I would hope that Clinton supporters are embarrassed and are thinking two, three, four times on why they support a Democrat who would say such crap! No Democrat, and Joe Lieberman is not Democrat, says this.  

How is asking for tax returns like Ken Starr?  We are told by Clinton supporters Obama has not been vetted, but do you really believe this is not a question Republicans will raise?  Who is kidding whom here?  

I don’t believe tax returns should be an issue, but to deflect that question by accusing the questioner of being Ken Starr is crazy.

We have now learned that NAFTAgate is crap raised initially about statements by a Clinton supporter.

As a progressive Democrat, I have a progressive Democrat threshold.  Today Clinton and her campaign failed that threshold.

I am only speaking what we all know is true.  If our nominee is not the one who has received the most votes from the millions of Democrats who have voted in sanctioned DNC caucuses and primaries, we lose. Jay Nixon loses.  The country loses.

To my good friends who support Clinton, have you no sense of what it means to be a Democrat?  Clinton has crossed a threshold raising serious questions about her commitment to electing a Democrat as president.  

I would hope you are outraged that “the Democrat” you support could stoop so low!