About a week ago, BillinMidMO posted this hilarious video of “I not only was a football player…I was in social studies class as well…” Brock Olivo, the umpteenth Republican to    

announce for Hulshof’s congressional seat. Indeed, how could Olivo help but run with a list of accomplishments like that? Banality radiates like an aura from him in that video.

And now, Jake Wagman at Political Fix offers this to cap it all:

Olivo, the former Mizzou football star now running for Congress, has never voted before in an election, public records show.

Reached today, Olivo confirmed that he has never cast a ballot, in Missouri or anywhere else.

“I’m a recovering apathetic,” Olivo, 31, said, ….

Who would have expected Olivo to utter something that apt? Be that as it may, I still say he should try voting once before he runs. I mean, he didn’t even vote in the primary this month. Talk about a recent recovery!