After her vote yesterday for expanded wiretapping and phone company immunity, I surely wish I hadn’t worked a phone bank for Claire McCaskill.

I think she wants to be a Kit Bond, existing as a senator without any stand which might bring the ire of the voters down on her. Surely, she realizes that she’s damn old to play that game.  Kit went to Washington as a young man. Not standing for anything has been a wonderful strategy for him. He just listens to the bell on the lead cow and follows placidly along.

I wrote her last night and told her that I wished the curse of the founders on her and hers.

I remember the stories in the Benj. Franklin autobiography I just read of his wife standing at the upstairs window with a musket when a misinformed mob threatened to tear down his house. (That was a habit of the Philly locals when they were mad.) I read of his wife and daughter being ejected from their house when the British took Philadelphia. I know that he lost almost all of his personal possessions during that occupation.

Where has that spirit gone? Why did we elect this spineless woman?