The Warrensburg Daily Star-Journal (no link, they’re still in the 19th century) reported in today’s paper (front page, above the fold) that the republican in the case is stopping her appeal:

Expressing disappointment over the decision of the Missouri Court of Appeals in the contested Johnson County Auditor’s Race, Republican challenger Teresa Collins announced Thursday that she was dropping her appeal…

I summarized the opinion in Coughing up a giant hairball: the Western Court of Appeals rules on the Johnson County recount case:

…I’ll give you the short version of the opinion –  the trial judge correctly interpreted the disputed voter intent ballots. The trial judge should have allowed a further look at the circumstances of the ballots that were not initialed (by election judges). So, please do that….

This case has cost all parties an estimated $250,000.00. With the appeals court opinion the burden of proof for the issue of the uninitialed (election judges) ballots fell to Teresa Collins.  

Collins was quoted in the Warrensburg paper:

“…Although I’m disappointed in the decision handed down by the Appelate Court and the length of time that it took, I’ve decided not to pursue any further legal action…It has been a difficult process for everyone involved…My family and I are ready to move on with our lives and believe the citizens of Johnson County deserve closure to this election…”

I spoke by phone with Kay Dolan Reynolds, the Johnson County Auditor, this afternoon: “I’m relieved and glad that this is in the past. I can’t begin to express my gratitude to all of my supporters who have been there for the last fourteen months. I have always believed that it is an honor to serve the people of Johnson County – I felt it was important to pursue the [original] recount so that the peoples’ voices could be heard.”

Kay Dolan Reynolds still has to contend with the considerable legal bill from this case.

“I’d still do this [the recount] again. I’ve always believed if something is right, you do it.”

The Kansas City Star had a story in today’s Local section (page B3)(the headline in the dead trees edition: “2006 election result faces new questions”):

Appeals court ruling puts ’06 election result in limbo


The Kansas City Star

…On Tuesday, a three-judge panel of the appeals court in Kansas City upheld most of O’Malley’s reasoning except for one issue. It ruled that he and Johnson County re-count judges had erred by not allowing hearings on why 11 counted paper ballots had not been properly initialed

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Uh, that’s not exactly right. [Full disclosure] I was a recount “judge” (Recount Team 2) for this recount almost a year ago. We didn’t have the authority, power, or ability to “allow hearings”.

The Johnson County Clerk, republican Gilbert Powers gets to heave a huge sigh of relief.