…I have none.

People have different reasons for liking the different Democratic presidential candidates. I like them all. The reality is, they’re all good, and each one is many orders of magnitude better than any of the republicans. It’s a sad commentary on our times that dubya has so lowered the bar even a mediocrity will be considered a vast improvement (and it’s a blessing for whoever will be the next president).

Who is going to “win” the Iowa caucuses? I have no idea.

Who is going to be the Democratic Party’s nominee? I have no idea.

But, it would seem that I’m in good company:

‘Months of Political Commentary Rendered Total Crap’

….Because I think it’s been conclusively proven many times over that absolutely nobody has any idea what the [xxxx] is going on, and I am no different in my uncertainty….

Or here:

Factors in making my choice

…Given the minor differences in policy, and the vast gap between them and the chamber of horrors the GOP has put forth, I’ll be satisfied with any of these candidates as my nominee…

…with what really is solid field, I’m left firmly in the undecided camp…

I saw this in an Iowa balloon field last September:

Road Trip! – The Harkin Steak Fry in Indianola, Iowa – The speechifying

…I stopped to talk to two women who were sporting Hillary stickers. I asked them where they were from. “Grinell, Iowa.” I asked them who they were supporting. “Hillary or Obama. They both have platforms we agree with.” One said, “It’s a triumph of American politics I’d like to see. Both are smart.” I asked if they would be participating in the caucus. Both said they have in the past, and they will this time, too…

I remember the thousands of people in that Iowa balloon field treating each of the candidates with positive vibes and respect. I was struck by the equal numbers of enthusiastic supporters for each of the three top tier candidates. There was an even larger numbers of attendees wearing stickers for all or most of the candidates. People were happy with the candidates.

I’m certain that it’s the same today. And will be so tomorrow.

And Brett’s cartoon? I like this comment from a reader of skippy, the bush kangaroo:

…Brett, I like how you throw subtlety out the window so it lands on the top of our yugo 30 stories below.

And you basically just nailed exactly why people support those candidates — and hate them too.

I’m not so certain about that last part.