Oy! The stories we had to endure this year! From Watching Brittany lose it – uh, then gain it back! only to lose it again. Who cares? Someone must. The old Drew Peterson story was dredged up again – or rather another girlfriend was dredged up. Do these people actually, like, have lives? Ok. Rhetorical.

In KC – we spent time ad nauseam on the Semler appointment of  which I was on the wrong side, according to my liberal friends. But I said hey – freedom of association and freedom of speech must include those we do not like or understand. And of course, the brouhaha has calmed down and she hasn’t shot one undocumented worker since being on the Parks board.

Our Governor, however, has thumped his chest by saying – you – you guys who make fraudulent documents that get used by undocumented people – you are in trouble.

So Blunt is making us safe from the undocumented people, and shredding the public documents to keep the other people in the dark. ‘We’re in the dark here!” – ok –bad imitation of Al but you get my meaning!

Our mayor will try to start anew in 08 and I will send him all the karma I’m not using – if he promises to send Gloria home!

Here’s to a new year of media mediocrity! I would like to challenge you all to count the number of car crashes, house burnings, shootings and other crimes covered by your local noise machine. Let me know how many you have in a week versus an actual – you know – news story.

Remember: I. F. Stone said “News is something someone wants to suppress. The rest is advertising.” Let’s stop the advertising on our news shows!

Happy New Year to us all!

The Kween