St. Louis political activist, Joy Ward, blogs about dogs at a site named dogster.  She sent me a link to a posting of hers that begins this way:

There has been some chatter on various blogs that one of the Republican Presidential frontrunners Mike Huckabee’s son was involved with the torture and murder of a stray dog. After some digging, we came up with the original newspaper article from 1998.

The posting is short, and I suggest you read it.  It reflects badly on Huckabee that he raised a son who would do that and that he helped the boy avoid consequences. That incident is the second of two unsavory reports about the presidential candidate.

Michael Bersin blogged here  last Wednesday about Huckabee shoving through a parole for a convicted rapist, who then raped and murdered two women in Missouri. For several reasons, I’d consider that parole worse than Michael Dukakis letting Willie Horton out of jail for a weekend furlough. First, Huckabee received letters from women Dumond had raped warning him that they thought Dumond would likely murder any future victims.  Second, Huckabee pushed the parole to curry favor with right wingnuts who were sure Dumond must have been innocent … because the victim was a distant cousin of Bill Clinton.  Third, Willie Horton committed armed robbery and rape while he was free, but at least he didn’t murder anybody.

Huckabee may be a Baptist minister, but  he nevertheless seems to make a habit of doing what’s convenient rather than what’s right.