The Post-Dispatch broke the story this week–the latest in a string of indications that the PSC is way too cozy with utility companies–that PSC member Jeff Davis secretly promised to shove through a utilities merger that everyone familiar with the deal thought should be a no-go.

Matt Blunt was forced to act all righteous and call on Davis to recuse himself from the merger deal.  Recuse himself?  You bad boy, recuse yourself and spend a half hour on the naughty spot.

Maida Coleman knows what’s needed.  She is calling for a Senate-led investigation.  

“Clearly, public confidence is eroding in the PSC,’ said Coleman, ‘and it is time the legislature looked into a remedy to restore confidence and protect consumers. All options should be on the table including removing commissioners from office.’ “

Unfortunately, since Coleman is just the minority leader, she may find the Senate less than willing to consider that last option.  More likely, they’ll call for Davis to … what, spend an hour on the naughty spot?

Governor Blunt appointed Davis to that slot.  Blunt should investigate and, if the allegations prove true, he should revoke the appointment.  Davis should be out of there.  Anything less is … well, it’s what we’ve come to expect from Blunt.  Because maneuvering always trumps honesty with him.