Of course, it’s not the paper’s resident political stenographer, but Dave Helling who writes the story in today’s Kansas City Star. I wonder if Mr. Helling gets his research leads from Show Me Progress? Nah, probably not.

Mike Huckabee (r), former governor of Arkansas, is running for president and just so happens to be involved in the release from prison of convicted rapist Wayne DuMond – who then later murdered two women in Missouri. The DuMond case was a cause célèbre of right wingnuts during the 1990s – because he had been convicted of raping a distant  relative of Bill Clinton.

The Kansas City edition of today’s Kansas City Star has a front page article by Helling titled: “Huckabee’s role in release scrutinized: Ex-Arkansas governor shares blame for freeing the man who killed their daughters, 2 women say.” The online title of the article: Mothers of murdered women blame Huckabee for his part in release of killer

…Authorities say the two victims, Carol Shields and Sara Andrasek, were killed by the same man: Wayne DuMond, who was released from an Arkansas prison in 1999, a year before Shields’ murder.

Their mothers say Huckabee is responsible, at least in part, for the release of DuMond, who died in a Missouri prison in 2005.

“What a fool,” Lois Davidson, Shields’ mother, said of Huckabee. “Thinking he could rule the country when he couldn’t even do a good job as governor of Arkansas….”

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Arkansas Times, September 1, 2005

….Suttlar noted that just prior to Huckabee’s appearance before the board the board had voted 4-1 against Dumond’s parole. After Huckabee’s board appearance, her colleagues largely reversed themselves, voting 4-1 for Dumond’s release.

“Why did all the votes change?” Suttlar asked. The board members knew the governor’s position. And Huckabee knows what influence a governor has over a board. Who’s going to turn down a governor?”

A board member, who only agreed to speak on condition of anonymity, said, “We are not talking rocket science here. The board jobs are known to some degree [to be] political patronage…

From today’s Kansas City Star:

…In 2003, a Clay County jury convicted DuMond of the Shields killing. He was sentenced to life in prison.

“He (Huckabee) was certainly an advocate for the release of Wayne DuMond,” Dan White, Clay County prosecutor, said last week. “I don’t think there’s any question he shares some responsibility….”

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The Star quotes Huckabee earlier in the article:

…”I should be held responsible for the things I did,” Huckabee said. “The one thing I didn’t do is let him go…”

In the sense of “turning the key in the lock and swinging the cell door open” this might be technically correct.

It’s all about your judgement, governor.