This came as an Email from Democracy For America today…

On Monday, DFA launched the Unite for a Progressive President campaign and thousands of you signed the call to action. Today, we start making it happen.

Whether you support Congressman Kucinich, Senator Edwards, or Senator Obama it is time to let Iowa DFA members know where you stand. But that’s not all; Iowa voters need to know that we are depending on them to not leave the caucus room without making sure one of the top three progressives wins their caucus location.

Let’s make sure Iowa Democrats know we are counting on them to Unite for a Progressive President and we’re ready to follow their lead. Write a letter to an Iowa DFA member now:

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The Iowa caucus is the best chance we have to impact the primary race. Here’s why: with over 9,000 active DFA members in Iowa and the media polls showing the race consistently in a dead heat, DFA members nationwide could tip the scales and make sure one of the top three progressives wins Iowa. And, that winner will be well positioned to win the states that follow.

Iowa DFA members need to hear from you. Please write your letters right now.

There are a lot of excellent candidates in this race. Any of the Democratic candidates would make a great President. But, you know primaries matter. This race is not just about electing a Democrat. America needs a progressive President.

Thank you for everything you do,

Charles Chamberlain

Political Director, DFA