I was tabling for Obama (full disclosure) the other day, and a woman who was very active in NOW and the ERA drive in Missouri came by.  She declared that she was voting for Hillary “…because I want to see a woman president in my lifetime.”  Discussing issues with her revealed that she disagreed, as a progressive, with many Clinton positions…especially Hillary’s vote calling Iran’s Army a “terrorist” organization.  For her, Hillary’s gender trumped everything.  

Hard to argue with that, but would Hillary be the first female President, or, would she hold a kind of Barry Bonds place in the record books?

First Female President* (asterix)

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Seems to me that Hillary as a former first lady will always be viewed first, fair or not, as Bill’s wife and First Lady. Not a feminist viewpoint, but like Barry Bond’s  record breaking ball, Hillary Clinton should she win, would always have an asterix next her “first female” designation.  

There are qualified female Governors, business leaders and Senators… Republicans and Democrats… ready to run for President.  When a progressive woman in that field runs I will gladly work for her election.  

Meanwhile lets choose who to support, not by their race, gender or sexual orientation, but by the quality of their characters, their goals and positions on issues. Vote for Hillary because of her views and character, not because of her sex.

What does Hillary Clinton have to say about it?  

Ironically in response to a debate question about whether she was “playing the gender card”, the primary candidate denied she was doing so by telling us about all the 95 year old women she meets at her events who say “I just want to see a woman President in my lifetime…”

The gender card.

The gender card with an asterix.