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I recently read an article that quoted Sam Graves as saying that the disastrous war in Iraq would not be an issue that the voters in his district will be concerned with. According to Mr. Graves the voters in the Sixth District’s primary concern is immigration. Let me get this straight Mr. Graves represents a district that is 1,000 miles from the Mexican border and he thinks their primary concern is immigration. Mr. Graves is either being naïve at best or completely dishonest. Or maybe, he is another one of those Republicans that is living in Bizarro world where clear skies equals pollution, no child left behind means no money for schools, and of course Iraqi freedom means a never ending war.

“Sam has demonstrated his loyalty to Bush,” Barnes said in an interview.

Barnes also disagrees with Graves’ read of the of the district’s suburban and rural counties. Graves downplays widespread disapproval nationwide of the White House’s handling of the Iraq War. Unlike most Congressional districts, Graves argues he has the right formula – by not budging – claiming that his constituents rank the progress of the war behind immigration, budget concerns and health care in overall importance.

If Graves had his druthers, no immigrants would be allowed to enter the United States until all 10 million-plus undocumented workers are deported, a stance he said shows his independence from Bush.

And he’s betting most district voters agree.

“Immigration probably is the No. 1 issue,” Graves said. “[Congress should] shut down the immigration system until we get a better system … it’s like if someone breaks into my house and asks for amnesty.” Prime Buzz

  It seems Mr. Graves’ campaign strategy is to appeal to the racist element of the district using the fear of criminal illegal immigrants rampaging through Missouri streets. This is just a further indication of the bankruptcy of the Neo-Con policies, rather than running on the successes of the last eight years he will again run on the politics of fear and division. I’m sure included in the campaign will be his usual scorched earth policy of negative ads and whatever other dirty tricks he and his attack dog, Jeff Roe can come up with. If after eight years in office the best you can come up with to campaign on is fear, then what have you been doing with your time Mr. Graves. Where is the legislation that has made Missouri stronger, more prosperous, or safer?

  Fortunately for Missouri, Mr. Graves’s opponent will not be someone who will be easily intimidated by their rough-house form of politics. The former Mayor of Kansas City, Kay Barnes who is no stranger to politics or Republican tricks will be a formidable opponent. If the election is decided by the record and performance of Mr. Graves, it shouldn’t even be a contest. I believe as Kay Barnes does that the voters in Missouri are a little bit more concerned about the Bush record than Mr. Graves is letting on. I believe that Missourians are concerned about the healthcare of the poor children, health insurance for working families, and an end to the war.

  The time has come for the good ole boy network to be broken. Mr. Graves was the hand-picked candidate from the Washington establishment led by Roy Blunt and Tom Delay. That’s right the same Tom Delay who had to leave office in disgrace for forgetting the ethics of being an elected official. It is time to wipe the slate clean of these Bushies; they are long on rhetoric but short on follow through. They claim to have family values, yet they do not value the Constitution or the rights of all humans to be free from torture. They have continued to show that they have no respect decency and will use any trick to get elected.

Teresa Loar, who lost to Graves in the 2000 Republican primary, has cautionary tales for Barnes on dealing with Graves’ reputed henchman. In 1999 Loar said she was recruited by the National Republican Congressional Committee to challenge Danner, a well-liked conservative Democrat. But she said that when Danner stepped aside late in the election cycle, giving new candidates an opportunity to run for the seat, GOP higher-ups sent her packing.

Now-Minority Whip Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) and former Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas), she said, called her personally and ordered her to make way for Graves.

“They wanted a nice conservative white male, which they found with Sam Graves,” she said.
When she didn’t step aside, Loar said “Jeff Roe and Company” sunk their teeth in.
“They would go through my trash, sit outside my office, they followed me everywhere,” Loar said. “They would take my picture, get in my face – almost accosting us.” Prime Buzz

  If they will do this to one of their own, imagine what they will do to you or I. These tactics are right out of the Karl Rove’s book of “How to win elections, and destroy a democracy”. I hope the voters in Missouri will say enough to the politics of fear and divisiveness and vote for unity; not only for Missouri, but for our nation as a whole. We need a healing.

As scarce as truth is, the supply has always been in excess of the demand. – Josh Billings

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