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  • The folks around Arrow Rock have launched their lawsuit against the DNR and its director, Doyle Childers.  It’s been getting a decent amount of play in the MSM.

  • Paul McKee, whose land assemblage deal in North St. Louis and the accompanying tax credits have been the focus of much furor, will finally speak to the public about his plans at a meeting Thursday of next week, Oct. 25.  The meeting will be at Holy Trinity Church at 3518 North 14th Street at 6:30.

  • Missouri has fewer prisoners:

    Missouri’s prison population has dropped….and the number of former inmates who go back to prison is down..

    Missouri started a new system two years ago that lets judges know the likelihood that someone would re-offend if they were put on probation or given a short shock-sentence instead of being put in prison for long terms.

    In the year before the new system was started, the prison population went up by 855 inmates. Since the sentencing recommendations went into effect, the prison population has dropped by 865.