I had it up to here (I am emphatically gesturing here–you just have to trust me) with my former church a long time ago, and they could hardly do more to further alienate me. But they seem to keep pushing the envelope of evil.

I don’t like Rudy Giuliani.  I do not think that someone’s principle qualification for governing should be that they almost had a building fall on them, which would have effectively decapitated the chain of command.  Unwise.  But he is entitled to his own views on abortion, without being forced to choose between his church and his conscience. (Contrary to the claims of the Holy Mother Church, one’s conscience and the edicts of the church do not always line up. ) So, it irritates me to no end when I see Archbishop Raymond Burke saying that he would deny Giuliani communion because of his stance on abortion.

Most people understand that Raymond Burke is a loon incapable of a leading his flock…he’s even alienated my mother, and I’ll fight anyone who says she isn’t a saint!  The only time that he ever appears in the media, almost, is when he makes some medieval stand on some important topic. Take his refusal to help kids with cancer when Sheryl Crow, an abortion rights proponent, appeared at a fundraiser, for instance, as evidence of his being a small-minded git. I understand why a world religion would assert moral authority over all things great and small, but I have never understood why anyone would recognize that authority.

By far a more sinister and twisted–and quite frankly damnable–action on the part of the Church is it’s response to Mozambique’s Archbishop Francisco Chimoio’s claim that condoms are deliberately infected with AIDS and that the only way to not get AIDS is to abstain from bumping uglies (I believe his exact phrase was bumping uglies out of wedlock).

“Condoms are not sure because I know that there are two countries in Europe, they are making condoms with the virus on purpose,” he alleged, refusing to name the countries.

“They want to finish with the African people. This is the programme.  They want to colonise until up to now. If we are not careful we will finish in one century’s time.”

Archbishop Chimoio, who made the remarks at an event to mark 43 years since the launch of the country’s armed struggle for independence, said that fighting the disease was a serious matter.

“If we are joking with this sickness we will be finished as soon as possible. 

“If we want to change the situation to face HIV/Aids it’s necessary to have a new mentality, if we don’t change mentality we’ll be finished quickly,” he said.

“It means marriage, people being faithful to their wives… (and) young people must be abstaining from sexual relations.”

This twisted sociopath would not name the 2 countries that he said he knew were deliberately infecting condoms with AIDS, thereby leaving his unfortunate flock to abstain from using all condoms altogether.  He had nothing.  He concocted a conspiracy theory, which, to his sick mind, seemed like it might scare people into abstinence, but which we know from experience will only result in misery. This is a variation of what is often seen as a conspiratorial designs on Africa by the West.  Take for instance the recent outbreak of motherfuckingpolio in Nigeria, which has been caused by politicians saying that the oral vaccine was a plot to sterilize Muslims.  (To be fair, the West has historically treated Africa like dirt, and there is evidence that the West did not release information about resurgence of polio in a timely manner.)

The Church has met Chimoio’s criminal affront, which can only have the result of contributing to the rapid spread of AIDS (already 500 people are infected each day in Mozambique), with a thundering and infuriating ABSOLUTE SILENCE.

I checked LexisNexis to see what the Vatican had to say: absolutely balls.  Nothing:

Above the results is an alternate spelling.  I tried that too.  Nothing.

Well, maybe the web site of the Holy See mentions this guy (I tried all variations):

Nothing.  Actually, if you look at it it says:  Nothing!  No press release, no condemnation, no moral authority whatsoever.  You leave me no choice.  I hereby excommunicate the church hierarchy.

There.  That should settle things.