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It appears that Missouri Congressman Roy Blunt has chosen politics and loyalty to the President over America’s poor children. Using the usual Republican rhetoric, he is using a campaign of misinformation to rally support against the bill. Missourians should not be fooled by these tactics. Rep. Blunt is being deliberately deceitful in his opposition to the bill.

“If the majority intended to produce a bill ensuring the health and well-being of these children, we could have reauthorized the SCHIP program months ago without a second thought. Instead, Democratic leaders decided to take an uncontroversial children’s health bill and use it to advance a controversial bureaucrat-run health care scheme – raising taxes along the way, and even opening the door for illegal aliens to receive Medicaid benefits by weakening our current verification standards. Republican Whip

  Taking a page straight from the Republican talking points, Rep. Blunt is trying to deceive us into believing that the Bill would give free health insurance to illegal immigrants and raise taxes on poor Americans. The truth of course is far different than the rhetoric.

  The SCHIP Bill, as it is referred to will not lower the current standards for eligibility. Those who are not eligible today won’t be eligible in the new bill. For those who don’t know this bill is designed to give uninsured children in the US health coverage. It is administered by the states, so the states set the eligibility requirements based on broad guidelines issued by the Feds. The current Bill expired on 9/30/07 and due to Republican foot dragging has not been renewed.

  Here are some facts that Rep. Blunt does not want Missourians to know about the SCHIP Bill.

“The administration claims the compromise bill would cover children in families of four with incomes up to $82,600. The truth is only two states, New York and New Jersey, would be allowed to offer coverage to families earning up to 400 percent of the federal poverty level. All other states would be capped at 300 percent of the federal poverty level.

“The administration says the bill would lead to government-run, socialized medicine. The fact is nearly 80 percent of all children covered by the program are enrolled in commercial managed care and fee-for-service plans.

“The administration says the bill would encourage families to move their children from private insurance to SCHIP. Yet the Congressional Budget Office says the ‘crowd-out’ factor is as low as it could possibly get and even the health insurance lobby supports the bill.

“The administration claims the bill would expand government spending for children’s health care. However its price tag is only a quarter of the cost of the president’s proposal four years ago to expand government financed health care for the elderly. Yahoo News

  The Bill would raise the taxes on cigarettes which I personally oppose, but am willing to accept in the interest of getting our kids the health care they need. It is time to put partisanship aside in the interest of what is best for America’s children, Mr. Blunt.


“If Democrats are serious about extending the SCHIP program in a responsible, sustainable way, they’ll have to start working with House Republicans to craft a bill that can be signed into law. As it is right now, we have a bill that extends taxpayer-funded, government-run health care to a wealthier segment of Americans than was ever intended — at the expense of uninsured children from low income families who should be our first priority. The expansion also imposes new taxes on lower-income Americans, without any guarantee that kids will receive higher quality health care.

  “The American people are following this issue very closely, and I believe they will eventually recognize the majority’s campaign for what it is. In the meantime, this Congress has a responsibility to serve the millions of children for whom the SCHIP program was originally designed – and the only we’ll be able to meet that responsibility is by sitting down and working with each other to forge an appropriate compromise.” PR News

  Yes, Mr. Blunt, the American people will be watching this very closely and unfortunately you are on the wrong side of this issue. The American people both Republican and Democrat overwhelmingly support providing this healthcare for our children. If you can vote for all those spending bills for Iraq, one would think that you could find it in your heart to spend a few dollars on the poor children in America. Shame on you.