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In his first “Sunday Essay” on his Arch City Chronicle blog, Dave Drebes stands up for his erstwhile colleague, Ed Martin, who really stuck his foot in his mouth with his remarks on Hispanics employed by developers. (If you somehow missed what Martin said, he claimed that if there are a “bunch of Mexicans” at a site, some are probably illegal.) Drebes doesn’t really defend Martin’s remarks so much as his right to say them,  characterizing them as a few poorly-chosen words in the service of making a broader policy point, and claims that Martin shouldn’t have to resign over this flap.

I tend to agree. If Matt Blunt believes that racial profiling is OK, whether while driving or at the workplace, then absolutely, he should continue to associate himself with Martin’s remarks by keeping Martin on as his chief of staff. And I expect that’s exactly what’s going to happen, because Blunt values revving up his conservative base by demonizing a minority group over civil rights. I don’t believe Martin’s words were poorly chosen at all – he was picking a fight on behalf of his boss.