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Note: As in all of my posts, I’m speaking for myself, and not any other writers at this blog. I was impressed by the answers we got last week from the Democratic candidates for next year’s Missouri Attorney General race. I haven’t yet decided whom I will vote for, much less whom I will spend my time and energy advocating on behalf of, if I decide to do that in this race. The answers were informative and concise, and I liked that Jeff Harris included links to find more information on his platform. I’m looking forward to seeing how they respond in the future.

I did want to make clear one candidate who I am supporting in an upcoming election, and that’s John Edwards. (In case someone detects a bias in a future post, I can confirm that it is real.) I’ve been a supporter of John Edwards for the US presidency since he announced his campaign in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans last December.

I’ll admit that I didn’t pay much attention to John Edwards in the last presidential cycle. As someone who was very upset about the US invasion of Iraq, I completely ignored those who voted in favor of the 2002 authorization of military force. Still, when primary time rolled around, I was surprised at many of my antiwar friends who supported Edwards. Apparently someone with a powerful critique of the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a few struck a chord among progressives.  Who knew? Since he powerfully recanted his vote for the war (first prowar figure to do so – one week before Jack Murtha,) I kept my eye on him.

So what’s John Edwards been doing since 2004? After supporting his wife during her cancer treatment, he started a poverty center at UNC-Chapel Hill, gathered 700 student volunteers to spend their spring break cleaning out homes in New Orleans,