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Considering the general Republican disdain for helping ordinary citizens cling to their middle class status, it comes as a shock to see two major Missouri unions endorse Tom Dempsey in Tuesday’s special election for the state Senate.

The Missouri Laborers’ Legislative Committee, which represents 14,000 members, and the Carpenters’ District Council of Greater St. Louis and Vicinity, which represents 22,000 members, are endorsing Dempsey, mainly on the strength of his vote “to protect the prevailing wage.”  He voted as a state rep, in other words, for a law requiring that major government construction projects must pay workers the prevailing local wage.

Since many of the unions’ members in St. Charles are social conservatives, the union leaders apparently feel they must consider endorsing any Republican who votes labors’ way on particular laws.  Even if Republicans do knock 100,000 desperate people off Medicaid.  Even if they work to eliminate a non-partisan system for selecting judges in favor of a system where judges will be bought by campaign contributions.  Even if they do harm public schools by favoring vouchers.  Even if they do overturn the campaign contribution limits that Missouri’s voters set, so that they can sell themselves to the richest buyers.

The unions are in the business of protecting their workers’ wages and working conditions.  They don’t figure it’s their job to decide for their workers what to think of these political issues.

Do you agree with them?