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That was the hilarious, yet apt, headline in today’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch. For those of you who have missed it, Matt Blunt has included a push for the repeal of Missouri’s ticket scalping law in a special session supposedly devoted to economic development. His brother Andy just happens to be a lobbyist for one of the biggest ticket brokers in the nation, Ticketmaster. The reason given for the push? “[The repeal] will be good for tourism and economic development. It will make it easier for fans to gain access to tickets in a legal and convenient secondary market.”

I’m not sure how allowing brokers to buy up seats for sporting events and concerts and charge exorbitant prices for them makes the market more convenient or better for tourism. If a really good band plays a concert, or a sports team is playing exceptionally well (sadly, neither of our states’ baseball teams is), that’s what’s good for tourism – not the fact that you can get scalped tickets.

And how naive do the Brothers Blunt think we are? Can they really claim with a straight face that their relationship has nothing to do with a bad bill being pushed through in a special session?