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Below is an article published earlier this week at Democracy for Missouri. That Senator Koster may run for Attorney General as a Democrat deserves our attention to his record. Worth a repeat:

Our allies at PROVote (Democracy for Missouri is an affiliate organization)produced this analysis of the voting record of Chris Koster, just two weeks before Koster announced his change of Party. By contrast the other Democratic Attorney General contenders, Harris and Donnelly, each have 100% ratings by ProVote. This is a sign of how polarized politics in Missouri has become and also should give us pause in supporting Sen Koster for A G.

Let’s welcome Sen Koster to the Democratic Party and give him a chance to vote from what he says is his true moderate heart, before rallying round him for higher office.

The Analysis:



*Koster received a 0% on votes tracked on Pro-Vote’s 2007 Legislative Scorecard
*Koster voted wrong on MOHELA, which approves a sale of loan assets in order to fund one-time building projects & has the ability to diminsh MOHELA’s ability to pay low-interest rate college loans.

*Koster voted wrong on Sex Education, which promotes abstinence only sex ed, bans Planned Parenthood from teaching sex ed, and shuts down abortion services in KC and Columbia.

*Kosted voted wrong on MO HealthNet, which makes Governor Blunt’s Medicaid cuts of 2005 permanent and does nothing to address the needs of the uninsured.


*Koster received a 20% on votes tracked on Pro-Vote’s 2006 Legislative Scorecard
*Koster voted wrong on Photo ID, which would have disenfranchised more than 200,000 Missourian voters in an effort to re-elect Jim Talent to U.S. Senate.

*Koster voted wrong on Campaign Contributions, which lifted the limits on campaign contributions and has allowed Governor Blunt to receive multiple $100,000 checks.

*Koster voted wrong on the Health Endangerment Bill, which created civil penalties for adults who “cause, aid or assist” a young woman to have an abortion.

*Koster voted wrong on Unemployment Insurance, which made it more difficult for workers to receive unemployment insurance after they have lost their jobs.


*Koster received a 33% on votes tracked on Pro-Vote’s 2005 Legislative Scorecard
*Koster voted wrong on cutting Medicaid, which took health care away for more than 100,000 Missourians and took additional services and benefits away from over 300,000.
*Koster voted wrong on CAFO’s, which would have made it harder for counties to pass health ordinances and regulate where factory farms can locate.

*Koster voted wrong on budget appropriations bills for the Departments of Social Services and Health & Mental Health, which took health care away from more than 400,000 and made it harder for others to afford quality health care services.