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Yesterday afternoon United Auto Workers [UAW] Local 2250 in Wentzville, Missouri held a rally in support of their stand up strike against the General Motors plant. While pickets manned the plant gates approximately 500 workers and their supporters attended the rally. Local 2250 President Katie Deatherage spoke at the beginning of the rally.

UAW Local 2250 President Katie Deatherage.

Two-two. Five-Oh.

Union Strong!

….We here at Wentzville were called upon by the international UAW to go, to stand up in this historic strike. This is the first time in the UAW, in history, has struck all three of the big three at once.
We are at strike against General Motors here at [UAW Local] Twenty-two Fifty. We are standing up for a fair contract. We’re standing up to end tiers. We’re standing up for job security. And we’re standing up against corporate greed.
We’re working hard down here to gain back the concessions that we gave up to pull the company out of bankruptcy. To pull them out of losing their business, back in 2007, eight, and nine, recession time. We’re just asking for what they told us, what they promised us.
I want to give a shout out to my local. You at Twenty-two Fifty [….] I want to thank you all for everything that you’ve done leading us into this strike. You are amazing. Thank you for conducting yourselves, always, with dignity and class. Thank you for putting in the countless hours to help us run a successful, efficient, and meaningful strike. I’m very proud of this local and I’m honored to be your president.
I’d like to say thank you to all of those that have and are supporting us in this fight from walking the picket line with us, to the multitude of donations, from the shout outs on social media, to the [inaudible] as you drive by our picket line.

It is all greatly appreciated. We appreciate each and every one of you. With our commitment to contribute to this local community that we work in, as well as the surrounding communities, we assure you that your generosity will be paid forward.



Solidarity! – UAW Local 2250 Stand Up Strike Rally – Wentzville, Missouri – September 24, 2023 (September 24, 2023)