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“…folks that take the different perspective about investment would say, again, in the lesser of two evils there’s still evil…”

Previously: SB 509: the folks back home ain’t buying what they’re selling (April 24, 2014)

University of Central Missouri President Charles Ambrose held an open campus forum on Monday afternoon on the subject of the state higher education budget. The forum lasted three quarters of an hour. President Ambrose took questions and comments from the campus audience made up of staff, faculty, and administrators.

University of Central Missouri President Charles Ambrose speaking at a campus forum on the state higher education budget – April 28, 2014.

Excerpts of President Ambrose’s forum remarks:

University of Central Missouri President Charles Ambrose: ….As of right now, uh, the, uh, the Senate has kind of gone across party lines and we have communicated clearly, uh, to [Senator] David Pearce [R] that as a university community we’ve done all that we can, uh, to create efficiencies and cut costs and save money and hold costs down and so we would have to actively oppose any bill that has the risk of taking money out of general revenue and disrupting funding for higher education. The Missouri School Board [President], uh, looked him directly in the eye and told him the same thing….

….The one difference between us and Kansas is, uh, they [the Missouri general Assembly] can’t change this law once it’s passed, uh, without, uh, basically going to the people. Uh, and, so, it’s a little bit more, uh, self-fulfilling in, in terms of impact where the, the Kansas legislature can go back and, and by an act of legislature reverse that tax policy….

….You know, uh, I’ll, I’ll be very direct with you. Uh, it’s been, uh, especially disheartening in this session, because there is a lot of great things happening, uh, in the state. The economy actually seems to be taking somewhat of a, a positive turn. And if government, I know we hear this on the national level, but if government would decide, uh, maybe just some strategic thinking about what’s most important and how we can maybe get there together we wouldn’t be having these kinds of conversations. Uh, but that’s just not gonna be the case in, in this session….

….I will tell you this, uh, that Senator [David] Pearce [R] believes that thus current bill [SB 509] under consideration is a lot less impactful than… [HB] 253. And he’s also afraid that we could end up with something a lot more onerous than what we’ve, that’s currently being considered. Now, uh, folks that take the different perspective about investment would say, again, in the lesser of two evils there’s still evil…

The University of Central Missouri campus is in the districts of Representative Dean Dohrman (r), House Speaker Pro Tem Denny Hoskins (r), and Senator David Pearce (r), all who voted for SB 509 and who will all likely vote to override any veto by Governor Jay Nixon (D).


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