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Last week from Mike Pence (r):

Mike Pence @Mike_Pence
Baseball once stood for American greatness, but when it openly invites attacks on Christian faith, sexualizes children with graphic public displays, and undermines the family-friendly environment that baseball has long stood for, it is clear that those days are fading fast.

Read my Full Statement and Open Letter to Major League Baseball and the Los Angeles Dodgers [….]
1:03 PM · Jun 2, 2023

Self-righteous bigot.

Some of the responses:

Can y’all boycott baseball so I can get my game tickets cheaper?

Oh, please stop.

Quit drunk tweeting from Hooters, Michael

What a pathetic attempt to get attention. Keep radical, right wing, pseudo-religion out of sports.

Sir, this is a Wendy’s.

“Not now honey, I need to read Mike Pence’s open letter to the Dodgers”

You guys sure do hate America

It’s a baseball game not a revival. How horrible an organization recognizes pride month or other cultures during the season. Work on polling over 2%.

Wait till you see what apple pie is doing.

Baseball is still great Mike, you jamming the evangelical right into everything, is not ok.
Don’t push your beliefs onto others.
You want to be the victim.

Don’t you have bigger things to worry about?

How is your imaginary issue different than your attacks on LGBTQ people? Why are you so nosy, bossy, and determined to force your religious beliefs on Americans that have different religious beliefs?

That seems awfully arrogant on your part, to think you know everything.

“hey, is this stool taken?” said the fly in a high squeaky voice as it came in for a landing.

Remember when a mob of “faithful Christians” tried to hang you? I don’t remember any drag queens being part of that.

Stop shoving your religious beliefs down our throats.

And read the constitution.

Our country was literally FOUNDED on the separation of church and state.

You should know this and if you don’t – you’re even more unqualified for elected office then we already believe.

Used to be “christians” followed the loving word of their god. Now “christians” spew hateful & violent rhetoric in the name of their god.
THIS is why millions run away & turn their backs on “christianity,” “religion,” and “church.”
There’s no hate quite like christian love.

American greatness is the striving for embracing others, respecting others, accepting others, human rights and love. Unfortunately, Mike, your version of Christianity is flawed by fear and a dark infatuation with deviant behavior that you project on others. #NeverBePresident

That’s what you care about? Manufactured outrage on inconsequential issues that MAGA pushes into the fore?

That’s really sad, man. Really, really sad.

“when it openly invites attacks on Christian faith,”

“sexualizes children with graphic public displays”

“undermines the family-friendly environment that baseball has long stood for”

None of that ever happened

Please tell me Christianity’s position on bearing false witness.

When it comes to suffering, those early Christian martyrs had nothing on you.

You’ll never be president, Mr. Karen.

None of that is happening.

I swear republicans live on a different planet.

Same planet, different world.

So conservatives are waging their war with virtually everything because as we know, what voting Americans want is to have their porn, sports, retail products and lifestyles all policed by a theocratic nanny state.

Please continue making really bad political decisions!

You think you’re still relevant?

I bet your social media manager double spaces after a period.

Baseball is a sport that people play & watch. People are different, so now, so is baseball. White Christians don’t own baseball or America.

When has it openly incited attacks on Christian faith? Maybe Christian nationalist’s trying to insert their demands on others, which is how it should be.
Keep your religion in the church and no one will care.

I’m sorry. Who are you again?

Attacks on Christian faith? I’m looking but I don’t see that. Unless you mean supporting LGBTQ people and their organizations, but I know a lot of gay Christians, so I really think this is your personal problem.

Okay Karen

Pride is only an attack on your Christian values if your Christian values are un-Christ-like

Jesus accepted everyone, you Christofascist bigot.

Imagine being an adult and having to resort to tweets like this to be able to run for President as a Republican..

Remember that time a bunch of Republicans took over the Capitol and smeared shit on the walls?

That was some great Jesus-y and family friendly behavior.