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Senator Bernie Sanders [2016 file photo].

I keep getting texts sent to my [stupid] phone from Bernie [Sanders] 2020. I never signed up for them:

Hi [….]! It’s [….] with Bernie 2020. Bernie believes we have a corrupt political and economic system that needs major change. He’s running for president to make our economy, our government, and our health care system work for all of us, not just the wealthy few. Are you in for Bernie?
Wed, Dec 18 1:33PM
From: [….]

No. Not ever. Not after the last 3 years. Now you know how 2016 felt. I’d vote for tulsi before bernie. And she’s a russian dupe.
Wed, Dec 18 1:51PM
To: [….]

Ok, I understand. Do you mind telling me who you plan on supporting?
Wed, Dec 18 1:53PM
From: [….]

Any of the others.
Wed, Dec 18 3:25PM
To: [….]

This on the day the U.S. House of Representatives is debating and (probably) voting on the Articles of Impeachment for Donald Trump (r).


Your $27.00 won’t get you into heaven anymore (June 19, 2016)