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Most of the reports I’ve read about the GOP’s recent Lincoln Days event suggested that most of the state’s GOPers have decided to try and ignore Baby-Governor Greitens sex scandal. There was even mention of cheers as he touted his plans for the Kansification of Missouri.

But you shouldn’t let all this Republican bonhomie fool you. The story seems to be gathering steam; according to the latest reports, a grand jury has been convened to investigate Greitens’ blackmail threats allegedly directed at the lady with whom he was indulging in an extramarital affair:

A lawyer for the ex-husband of the woman who had an affair with Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens says prosecutors have convened a grand jury in their investigation into whether Greitens blackmailed the woman.

Al Watkins, the lawyer, announced Monday that his client was served with a subpoena to provide testimony to the grand jury.

The news may represent an escalation of the probe, which was launched last month.

“The issuance of a Grand Jury subpoena conclusively indicates that the Circuit Attorney’s Office has elevated its undertakings to include Grand Jury proceedings, for which subpoena power and other discovery tools are available,” Watkins said in a statement provided to TPM. “The power of subpoena is an invaluable tool to garner evidence and compel testimony which far transcends that which is accorded investigative personnel not otherwise armed with a Grand Jury.”

So, in spite of efforts to pretend that for Greitens and the Missouri GOP the worst has passed, it’s possible that there’s lots more to come.

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.