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Friday at the Missouri Ethics Commission:

C151230 02/12/2016 MISSOURIANS FOR RENEWABLE ENERGY Brightergy, LLC 1712 Main, Suite 600 Kansas City MO 64108 2/12/2016 $600,000.00

[emphasis added]

That’s an impressive amount, and all in one chunk.

From the committee’s previous quarterly report:

C151230: Missourians For Renewable Energy

Committee Type: Campaign
1712 Main St Ste 600
Kansas City Mo 64108 Established Date: 12/07/2015

Information Reported On: 2016 – January Quarterly Report
Beginning Money on Hand $14,952.95
Monetary Receipts + $0.00
Monetary Expenditures – $9,383.55
Contributions Made – $0.00
Other Disbursements – $0.00
Subtotal ($9,383.55)
Ending Money On Hand $5,569.40

[emphasis added]

There was not a lot there. And with the exception of $20.00 from one individual all of the money [pdf] reported in the committee’s initial report came from the same LLC. What do they want to do?:

C151230: Missourians For Renewable Energy
Ballot Measure History
Ballot Measures Election Date Subject Support/Oppose
Renewable Energy Initiatives 11/08/2016 Renewable Energy Initiatives /Statewide Support

[emphasis added]

Where’s the grass roots? Just asking.

Right now, as far as we can tell, it’s effectively Brightergy LLC For Renewable Energy.