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Today, in Representative Denny Hoskins’ (r) weekly (generally) constituent e-mail:


Teacher Tenure

Earlier in the session I voted against HB 631, which would have taken control over teacher evaluations away from local school boards. On Thursday, April 25th a similar bill, SB 125, came before the Fiscal Review committee. As a member of that committee I was asked to vote on the bill, and I stayed with my previous position on the issue and voted “No.” Immediately following the vote I and Rep. Messenger, the other republican who voted “No” on the bill, were removed from the Fiscal Review committee by Speaker Tim Jones. I felt it was important to hold my ground on this issue and vote in the best interest of my constituents. I appreciate everyone who has contacted me with their support regarding SB 125.  I will continue to stand up for what I believe, even when it is difficult.


[emphasis and capitalization in original]

Nope, we didn’t edit a thing.


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