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As if anyone else thinks the General Assembly would have a clue?

Senator Chuck Purgason (r) introduced SB 861 on February 29th:

SB 861 Creates “The Task Force on Government Continuity”

Sponsor: Purgason

LR Number: 6044S.01I Fiscal Note not available

Committee: General Laws

Last Action: 3/8/2012 – Second Read and Referred S General Laws Committee Journal Page: S433

Title: Calendar Position:

Effective Date: Emergency clause

Current Bill Summary

SB 861 – The “Task Force on Government Continuity” is established to study the potential impacts on Missouri from, and preparation of the government and the citizens of Missouri for, a potential disruption of the United States government. The task force is charged with studying the following issues:

• Potential effects of the rapid decline of the United States dollar and the ability to quickly provide an alternative currency;

• Potential effects of a situation in which the federal government has no effective power or authority over the people of the United States;

• Potential effects of a constitutional crisis;

• Coordination between the Governor’s office, Missouri national guard and any federal military in Missouri;

• Potential effects of a disruption in food distribution; and

• Potential effects of a disruption in energy distribution.

The task force shall submit a report containing recommendations to the Governor and the General Assembly by December 1, 2012.

This act contains an emergency clause.

They left out “zombie apocalypse”. There’s just way too much right wingnut paranoia and delusion to mock.

“…This act contains an emergency clause.”

Really, a jobs bill is impossible for them and they think we’ll be confident in their ability to take over?