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Slate’s David Weigel seems surprised (here and here) that St. Louis’ Dana Loesch, an editor at Big Journalism and a CNN commentator, has gotten her knickers in a twist because advocacy journalists like Dylan Ratigan and Matt Taibbi, who demonstrably make no bones about their sympathies, are allowed to practice – what? – advocacy journalism. He makes the point that, as far as their roles as advocates go they are, despite her denials, just like Loesch – although I’m not sure that if he knew as much as about Loesch as those of us in St. Louis do, he would qualify her advocacy with the word “journalism.”

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about because you haven’t followed Ms. Loesch’s career, Adam Shriver of the St. Louis Activist Hub, seems to have a post every week documenting her sensationalist and fact-free approach to advocacy. If you want to learn more, page through his posts – or, for a real laugh, take a look at her posts on Big Journalism.