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Rep. Mary Still (D-Columbia) just joined the growing group of critics calling on Missouri Speaker Ron Richard to remove Rep. Cynthia Davis (R-O’Fallon) from her chairmanship of a committee dedicated to families and children because of her comments on hunger and motivation.

In the newsletter, Davis wrote that “people who are struggling with lack of food usually do not have an obesity problem” and “hunger can be a positive motivator” for older teens capable of getting jobs.

“To say that this would have an effect on the obesity problem, that’s just cruel,” Still said. “It’s incorrect, wrong and cruel, and I’m not comfortable with her in a leadership position.”

Good for Still for keeping the pressure on Richard to hold him accountable, since he’s the one who named Davis to the chair.

But yet again, Davis managed to say something in this article that really bothered me.

Davis said her role as a mom and foster parent makes her qualified to lead the families and children committee. “I am an expert on family values,” she said. “I’m a huge advocate of the family, and I understand families in a deeper sense than most other legislators in the Capitol.”

Excuse me? She understands families in a deeper sense than most other legislators? What a self-important jerk! She has more children than the average legislator, I’ll give her that, but a deeper sense of understanding? Perhaps it was earned by lessons learned from allowing small children to play on a highway median.