The old Soviet Union had a term for western journalists who catapulted their propaganda.  They called them Useful Idiots.  Today there is a corollary in this country, and we call them teabaggers.  

I can not, for the life of me, figure out what they are so outraged over, outside of the fact that they have become a marginalized, rump regional party, confined to the south and a handful of mountain states.  

Do they even realize the incongruity of the “tea party” concept?  The original Boston Tea Party was to protest taxation without representation.  But the people who are protesting have been the recipients of the largest middle class tax cut in history and the results are already being reflected on their pay stubs.  I can’t believe that the top marginal rate going up three percentage points, to 39.6%, (it was 50% under Reagan) inspires enough spontaneous rage to fill the Missouri River with Earl Grey.  

And by the way – where were these morons when Bush was wiping out a budget surplus, lying us into a three trillion dollar war and blowing off another one that was actually justified, and spying on Americans?  Oh – that’s right.  They were telling me to get with the program, that “9/11 changed everything” and if I had nothing to hide, I had no reason to be concerned.   I remember now.  They were too busy questioning my patriotism to protest against the perfidy of the Bush regime.  

Ahistoric morons and dupes, the lot of them.