I just got an automated phone poll wanting to know whether I’m irate about all the gazillions being wasted by Obama on the little people–well, what they actually asked was whether I was worried about how all the hundreds of billions being spent in D.C. will harm my children’s and grandchildren’s future–(press one) or whether I’m comfortable with all the freebies of record proportions–OK, they described it as the hundreds of billions politicians are about to spend–(press two).

Naturally, I pressed one and got the final question. Would I prefer to vote for Roy Blunt to take Kit Bond’s seat in 2010 (press one) or Robin Carnahan (press two) … or some other Republican (press three). Wondering if I might hear Sarah mentioned, I pressed three, but all I got was the information that the St. Charles Republicans were paying for the call.

So if any St. Charles Republicans are reading this, feel free to disregard one of those “threes”.