All-around classy guy and Dear Friend to Show Me Progress Ed Martin has endorsed Francis Slay for Mayor!!!  Or, at least, he has joined the “Citizens for Mayor Slay” facebook group, which is roughly the same thing minus the press release.  Here’s the evidence:

Now, some crazy radical leftists have criticized Obama for trying too hard to be bipartisan during the stimulus bill.  In fact, Obama’s own chief of staff even said that he made that mistake.   What a bunch of tools they all are!  Francis Slay has demonstrated that its quite easy to be bipartisan in today’s day and age.  All you have to do is plot the destruction of the public school system and make sure that all of your polices are determined by campaign donations.  What’s so difficult about that, Obama?

This endorsement, combined with the over $200,000 in donations Slay has gotten from Rex Sinquefield, a man who seeks the elimination of the Missouri state income tax and opposed the 2006 minimum wage increase, means that Slay is poised to become one of the greatest DINOs evah!