The Organization for Black Struggle (OBS), a great local grassroots political organization, sent out the following press release yesterday:

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OBS Endorses Irene J. Smith as Mayor of the City of St. Louis

January 31, 2009

The Organization for Black Struggle (OBS) supports the candidacy of Irene J. Smith for mayor of the City of St. Louis. Smith is eminently qualified to hold the highest office of the city.

Smith has had a long history of continuous and passionate public service. She was hired as the first African American Assistant County Counselor for St. Louis County where she was also a Municipal Attorney, Prosecutor and Judge. In the City of St. Louis, she served as the Director of the Department of Human Services, as a member of the City’s Board of Public Service and as Alderwoman of the 1st Ward. Wherever and whenever she served, Smith did so with integrity and commitment. To OBS, she’s more than a public servant; she’s a Servant of the People.

Irene J. Smith has been actively working on issues that improve the overall quality of life. OBS has worked with Smith on many of these issues such as police brutality and education. We have also worked with Smith to support progressive candidates and ballot initiatives that move a progressive agenda. Our unity is based upon sharing a common vision and goals for our community.

Smith will face incumbent Mayor Frances Slay in the primary.  Slay has earned the disrespect and mistrust of several sectors of the City because of his divisive and corrupt administration. Smith has promised a “City for All”.

As Mayor, OBS believes Irene J. Smith will uphold the City Charter, improve basic city services and restore integrity to the office. Smith will fight against corruption and cronyism to make St. Louis a prosperous and inclusive place to live, work and play.


Now since Jake Wagman over at the Post-Dispatch made a point to announce every city official who endorsed Slay (calling it a “good cross section because his buddies were included), reported the oh-so-exciting endorsements of two former board of  aldermaen presidents, frequently mentions Slay’s fundraising advantage, jotted down Slay’s thoughts on the inauguration, and even praises Slay “showcasing local filmmakers” for his campaign, I’m sure he will, as a balanced journalist, also want to include this announcement from a community group that walked the block for Obama this year and for raising the minimum wage two years ago, helped defeat Ward Connerly, and got one of their members elected as a committewoman in St. Louis City and another as an alderwoman in Bellefontaine.