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That’s the question Kay Barnes asked Sam Graves today.

From a press release:


Last week, Kay Barnes asked Congressman Sam Graves if he agreed with President George W. Bush that the U. S. economy is not in a recession, or if he agreed with the 74% of Americans who at that time believed we are?

Now, according to a Wall Street Journal poll released today, now 80% of Americans believe we are in a recession. (see article)

Tomorrow, President Bush will be in Missouri to give a major speech on the economy. Will Congressman Sam Graves stand with President Bush tomorrow? Or will he instead stand with the people of Northwest Missouri and admit we are in a recession?

Technically speaking, we are in a period of really crappy, back to back quarters of 0.6% growth, not a recession. Still, I’d love to see Sam Graves explain that 0.6% growth is just dandy. I mean, when wages are stagnant, health care and energy costs are spiraling upward, and the value of your home is falling, the fact that the economy is growing meagerly is small comfort to the 80% of Americans who feel like we’re in a recession.