Today Claire McCaskill showed her reluctance to stand up to the crisis mongers who hope to use our fear of terrorists to weaken our constitutional right to privacy–or perhaps she just hopes to reap big contributions from the telecoms in the future.  She joined twelve other spineless Democratic senators to vote againt the Senate Judiciary Bill which was not only more acceptable in terms of what it actually authorized, but which also denied the telecoms immunity against prosecution for their past lawbreaking.  Incidentally, both Clinton and Obama were unable to vote since they are too busy campaigning to stand up for the constitution.

At this point only Senator Dodd’s willingness to filibuster the unacceptable legislation offers a slim chance  that it may yet be defeated.  Now is the time for those of us who share a concern about the inroads against our constitutional rights that this legislation represents to let McCaskill know how desperately disappointed we are.  It is too sad to see one more depredation against our civil liberties succeed and even worse that it will have been abetted by our own Democratic Senator.

Here is a link to today’s votes.