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A Jackson County Democratic group is very involved and aggressive in visibility activities at various area festivals, usually manning a booth at these high traffic events. I received the following e-mail about a straw poll the group held at their booth at the recent festival in Blue Springs:

Results of the Blue Springs Straw Poll for Dem. Pres:

Here’s the count of the straws and the percentages:

Blue Springs Fall Festival–Sept 14, 15, 16, 2007
Democrats 21st Century Democratic Presidential Straw Poll

Total straws deposited during the 3 day weekend:  710

Hillary Clinton – 354  (49.8%)

Obama – 149  (20.9%)

Edwards – 141 (19.8%)

Biden – 23  (3%)

Richardson – 14 (1.9%)

Kucinich 14 – (1.9%)

Dodd – 8 (1%)

Gravel- 7 (1%)

As with the straw poll which was done during Santa Cali Gon, we let only people vote who were at least 18 by Feb 5, 2008, which is the Missouri Presidential primary election. Also, we believe that the people who participated were either Democrats or voters who at least lean Democratic in their votes. We did not have a large number of identified Republicans who participated. And we knew this from the conversation that took place during their stop at our booth.

Democrats 21st Century
Independence, MO 64050


Bear in mind that straw polls are exactly that.