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From the Missouri GOP:

Missouri GOP @MissouriGOP
It’s looking like your Easter meal will cost you a bit more this year.
2:11 PM · Apr 15, 2022

Some of the responses:

I thought that all of the shelves were empty.


I thought Easter, from a GQP Christian perspective was about Jesus Christ? It sounds like the GQP will NOT be feeding Homeless or doing any of Gods work to assist the needy or poor. Just complaining their prime rib cost more?

Your boy @GregAbbott_TX is making sure of that.

Yep. Texas.

Thank you for sacrificing us to Big Oil so you can make profit

Having the racist Abbott destroy produce supply chain is just a bonus on top, eh?

Stop the Republican recession!

#ThankARepublican your fault. You’re telling on yourself.

Any ideas about potential solutions? Or do you just prefer to blame and complain?

Looks like people actually have jobs this year to pay for their groceries.

Because of Republican leadership. Everyone thank a Republican today for sabotaging our economy and making you pay higher prices while food spoils sitting at an unnecessary check point.


I’m not saying you always use Christ as nothing more than a cheap ass prop…
But evidence!

Definitely not Moses.